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Winter Crafts for Seniors

Winter is a cold and sometimes dreary season for seniors, especially those living in climates like Idaho (our home). During these months, we love to share easy ways to brighten up even the coldest days for our elderly loved ones and partner communities. In this blog post, we are sharing some of our favorite winter crafts for this season, including a fun printable snowflake template!

Crafts are a wonderful way to keep your elderly loved ones engaged and happy during the winter months. Crafting stimulates our creativity, improves hand-eye coordination, and improves mental state, bringing joy to you and your loved ones. Each of these crafts are suitable for seniors and can be easily adjusted to best suit health conditions.

  • Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are two loved activities for seniors. While knitting uses two needles, crocheting only uses one. The preference is typically personal choice but both activities are highly loved within the senior community. During the winter months, encourage your elderly loved ones to make something special. Whether they make something for themselves of a gift for someone else, they’ll love the process and be proud of the end result. If you are in a community, welcome residents to knit and crochet together. Sharing their project might spark the creativity of a friend! This craft brings relaxation, entertainment, and improves the memory of elderly individuals.

  • Mason Jar Snow Globes

Mason Jar snow globes are a fun activity that can also be the perfect decoration! Here are the steps and everything you’ll need to create one with your favorite seniors.

What you’ll need:

  • Small Tree Ornament
  • Glitter (2 tablespoons per globe)
  • Clear Glue (2 ounces per globe)
  • Warm water (1 cup per globe)
  • Mason Jar
  • Spoon
  • Glue Gun

Step One: Glue your ornament to the lid

Using a glue gun, carefully glue the bottom of your chosen ornament to the lid of the mason jar. This is a step that seniors can do on their own, or you can do in advance with their chosen ornament. After gluing, set aside to let dry completely.

Step Two: Add Clear Glue to your jar

This is a step that seniors can easily do- adding approximately 2 ounces of clear glue into their jar.

Step Three: Add Warm Water and Stir

Next, give them one cup of water to pour into their jar and a spoon to mix the mixture.

Step Four: Add Glitter and Stir

Lastly into the mix, let them pour two tablespoons of their favorite color glitter and stir thoroughly with a spoon.  

Step Five: Place the Lid and Seal Jar Tightly

After they have mixed up their mixture, place the lid with the dried ornament back on the jar with the ornament facing down. The lid should rest evenly on the jar’s top rim. Ensure that the outer piece is sealed on secure and tightly and add glue to prevent any leaking if needed.

Step Seven: Shake and Enjoy!

The snow globe is complete and ready to be the perfect addition to your winter décor.

Snow globes can also be made without water or in different sized mason jars with adjustments made to the ingredients.

  • Paper Snowflakes

Another great craft that can also be a facility decoration is paper snowflakes! Below we have attached a printable template for cutout snowflakes. Just fold along the dotted lines and cut where indicated. Encourage your residents to try to make their own patterns as well to diversity the snowstorm in your community.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post! We’d love to hear if you try any of these crafts or if you have any craft suggestions for us this season!

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