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Telehealth for Caregivers

In the midst of mental health awareness month, it’s so important that our caregivers and nurses are able and given the resources to help them through this difficult time. Telemedicine consists of a phone or video consultation with a doctor or a medical professional. As a direct result of the current crisis, telemedicine has been surging and more and more caregivers are taking advantage of this service. According to predictions from market researchers at Forrester, virtual care visits will sour to more than 1 billion in 2020.

In the US, there are currently over 40 million family caregivers taking care of loved ones at home with an increased risk for Covid-19. This increased risk comes along with increased stress and concern, both weights our caregivers should not have to cope with on their own. Our caregivers should always feel loved, appreciated, and aware that they have helpful services at their fingertips.

Recently, health insurance companies have taken action to remove cost barriers, and Medicare is currently paying for telehealth services, including mental health counseling, common office visits, and preventive health screening.

Telehealth can be a very valuable lifeline for caregivers that they can utilize from the comfort of their home with video communications such as FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype.

Connecting with consolers and psychologists through telehealth can help caregivers with stress, anxiety, and loneliness. It gives them someone to talk to who likely understands their current struggles.

Telehealth is currently being used by multiple providers including urgent care, primary care, specialists, and mental health providers so if you are a caregiver and needing medical attention of any sort, please call your doctors to take advantage of these resources!

Be kind to your mind- tips to cope with stress during COVID-19:

  1. Pause. Breathe, notice how you feel.
  2. Take breaks from COVID-19 content.
  3. Make time to sleep and exercise.
  4. Reach out and stay connected.
  5. Seek help if overwhelmed or unsafe.

Ready to begin using telehealth? Check your medical insurance benefits and call your doctor or a doctor you are interested in seeing to find out which telehealth service and platform they are using. If you do not have a provider yet, Teladoc HealthAmwellPlushCareDoctor on Demand and MD Live are great resources where you can request a virtual visit for mental health care.

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