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Spring Activities for our Elderly Loved Ones

Happy Earth Day! Today is the 50th anniversary of the celebration of Earth Day. The weather has been beautiful across the United States today and we hope you all were able to get out and enjoy it in some way. Even if it just entailed reading a book on your porch or going on a walk with your household. Although this is an incredibly difficult time, the earth has been reaping the benefits of us all staying home. Environmentalists have said the pandemic has given them a glimmer of hope. Researchers around the world have seen a drop in air pollutants as a result of fewer cars on the road and exhaust from factories due to the shelter-in-place orders issued by world governments. There have even been reports of jellyfish in the Venice canals! Here are a few of our favorite spring activities for seniors to enjoy while social distancing.

  1. Read a good book in a lawn chair! In our stories on Instagram this week, we shared a handful of great reads for caregivers. Next week, we’ll continue with sharing our favorites for the elderly population!
  2. Start a garden or plant new flowers. Elderly facilities across the country are taking donations for different gardening supplies. Contact your local facility to offer scheduling a delivery from the local nursery.
  3. Go on a nice stroll around your community! This has been my personal favorite lately.
  4. Make a wind chime for your residents’ craft this week! Help each resident create their own that they can keep in their space or hang them all outside of everyone to enjoy.
  5. Have a picnic! Ask each resident what they would like to enjoy at their picnic and set up a big (social distancing) picnic. If your elderly loved one is aging at home, order their favorite takeout to have delivered and drop off a picnic set at their doorstep!
  6. Paint birdhouses and set up bird feeders! Your elderly loved ones will love watching the birds come and go.

Hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day and are appriciating all of our planet’s beauty this Spring!

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