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Sending Love to Seniors this Valentine’s Day

Grandmother and granddaughter making fresh jam in kitchen

It’s the annual week of love and we’re here to celebrate with our favorite seniors! Did you know approximately 224 million roses are grown and a projected $2.4 billion will be spent on seasonal candy for Valentine’s Day in the United States this year? Although traditionally a holiday to celebrate love with your significant other, Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to show love and affection to your friends and family. This week, we’re sharing our favorite way to show our elderly loved ones they matter this Valentine’s Day.

Mail them love

Near or far, the feeling of loneliness and isolation are quite common among seniors in the US, especially those living in care facilities. If your loved ones are in a facility or aging in their home miles away, mail them a Valentine’s card or InstaCart them some flowers and chocolates with a sweet note.

Bring them love

Are your loved ones in a facility near you? Surprise them with a visit and a fun Valentine’s Day craft. Here are some fun cross-stitching patterns or coloring sheets to bring with you along with a love letter and their favorite treat.

Celebrate as a facility

Create a festive environment, invite residents to hang up paper hearts, punch out heart bingo pieces, and insert their suggestions for their favorite pink and red treats and drinks to share with the community! During your celebration, enjoy festive games and puzzles. Here’s where you can find Valentine-themed word search puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, and bingo boards! Although many of your residents may not have family or friends to visit during this Valentine’s Day, we know you’ll make them feel loved at your facility.

Create Valentines to deliver to their loved ones

Invite your loved ones or residents to create Valentine’s cards for a festive exchange. No need to purchase expensive store-bought options, we’ve found a handful of fun printable to enjoy with your elderly loved ones:

Free printable Valentine’s Day cards for kids and adults

Valentine’s Day free printables

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, we hope your day is filled with love! Xoxo, Pure Vita Company

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