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Quarantine Goodness

I have loved seeing all of the joyful posts of quarantine goodness from elderly facilities across the country. The love letters home, the fun activities, the choirs and sign holders outside, all of it. Our community is being shared with the world (virtually) more than ever before and I never want this to end.

If you are not following along with us on social media, we have, and will continue to share every story we see in an effort to bring more light to the world. In a time of darkness for so many, I LOVE that our seniors are still able to be a light even though they are on lockdown.

Which brings me to my point, how can we be the light for our seniors right now? Here are a handful of my favorite things I have seen floating around the internet that we could easily do to help caregivers bring joy to our elderly loved ones while we’re separated.

  1. Write a letter! Regardless of the current situation, seniors LOVE penpals any time of the year.
  2. Schedule a drive-by parade! The drive-by birthday parties have been one of my favorite trends. Why not create drive-by parades for elderly facilities across our communities? Complete with balloons and streamer covered cars.
  3. Send an uplifting playlist of oldies! Music is a universal language that is bound to bring a smile.
  4. Schedule a Zoom call with all of your family members.
  5. Mail them a care package full of photos and hand-drawn art. Invite your kids to join in the fun and color pictures to add to the box!
  6. Order their favorite treats for grocery delivery (Don’t forget to include the TP).
  7. Send them a love letter video from the family!
  8. Send flowers or seeds for gardening activities to encourage them to get a little fresh air or start a window seal garden.
  9. Mail them a book from Amazon and start a virtual book club!
  10. Order a custom puzzle of a family photo for your elderly loved ones (and yourself).

Have ideas that aren’t listed above? Or want our company and team to help bring a smile to your residents or elderly loved ones? We’d love to hear from you! Send me an email at

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