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Life Inside an Elderly Care Facility During the Covid-19 Crisis

I think many of us can agree that we are all falling into the rhythm of our
new “normal”. The crisis has had a monumental impact on almost every
individual in our country and globe. We are all adjusting in our own ways and
for our industry, the changes have had a drastic impact on how seniors live in
and outside elderly care facilities. We asked a handful of our partner
communities how life has changed for them and received several joyful reports.


Caregivers are spending more time connecting their patients to
family they are missing.
Like many of us, Zoom is beginning to feel
like second nature inside elderly care facilities. Seniors are able to schedule
family time (virtually) and caregivers are prioritizing time with their patients
to ensure that the loss of visitors doesn’t make their patients feel unloved or


Caregivers are getting creative! Let’s face it, they were
creative before but now they’re really creative. I have spent my days scrolling
through photos of happy old ladies holding signs that say “will trade TP
for wine” and I love it! I have also seen more and more videos of elderly dance
parties, window visits (cue the happy tears), and whiteboard letters home. Leave it to
caregivers to bring humor and joy to one of the saddest times in our nation.

They are running through PPE supplies like never before. On
a less joyful note, the PPE supplies shortage and increased regulations on
elderly care facilities has placed a strenuous toll both financially and
mentally, on caregivers across the nation, especially in facilities with a
COVID-19 positive patient. Our team has been working tirelessly to try to
combat the price influx for our community. Day in and day out, we are searching
for more affordable suppliers to source from.


We know this time is difficult for you and as the heroes of our community,
we owe it to you to extend our help in any way we can. If you have not already,
please watch our newest product update (4/28/2020) below related to PPE supplies.

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