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Fall Back into Health and Wellness This Autumn

Welcome back, short days, crisp air and colorful leaves. I think of the new season as a fresh start to healthy habits. For me, wellness looks different season to season. This year has brought an entire new set of challenges and my mental health and wellbeing has become a top priority for not only my productivity but also for my overall health. As we gear into the gloomy months, I’m sharing my top Autumn wellness tips for anyone within the healthcare industry and beyond.

Find Joy and Wellness in Seasonal Favorites

Seasonal produce are my absolute favorite, I could enjoy pumpkin in every meal. Thankfully, pumpkin is a great source of vitamin A and C and has tasty seeds called pepitas which are rich in phytosterols and can lower cholesterol. Pumpkin is also a healthy fruit that can easily be diced and thrown in a rice bowl, eggs, or spiced up for a yummy dessert. While there are plenty of healthy ways to enjoy seasonal produce, it’s okay to indulge too. Enjoy pumpkin breads and cookies, apple pie, Halloween candy, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Get Your Flu Shot and Steer Clear of the Common Cold

As healthcare industry professionals, our risk for catching the flu is much higher. No one wants to spend a week of autumn cooped up at home, suffering from fever, fatigue and aches. For this reason, getting the flu shot is on my list of wellness to do’s. As for the common cold, be sure to hydrate with tons of water throughout the day and eat foods that will benefit your immune system. For example, yogurt with all its probiotic glory has been shown to boost the immune system, seaweed packs more vitamin C than an orange, and supplements like echinacea and Vitamin C can help make up for any immune boosting nutrition our food is lacking.

Ditch Social Media and Enjoy Autumn Awe Walks or a Workout

Heading into a national election is hands down the most stressful time to be on social media. If you’re finding that your social media pages are making you anxious, turn them off and give yourself a “cleanse”. Whether this is a few days, a week, or the entire season, shutting out social media will bring you ease and give you more time to focus on the beauty of fall. While giving yourself time away, prioritize walks to take in the fall colors and crisp air. Here’s a recent blog post I wrote on autumn awe walks. My morning and afternoon walks have been my saving grace and my favorite seasonal wellness change I have prioritized. Aside from my walks, I have also been prioritizing a workout almost every single day on my Peloton.

Get on a Routine

Along with my daily walks and workout, I also have been prioritizing starting my day with my planner and staying on a routine. Time batching is my favorite way to stay on schedule although sometimes it can be overwhelming. Try it for yourself, give yourself grace when writing your routine, and make time for yourself and things you enjoy.

Give Back

I’m a firm believer that giving joy to others always comes full circle. I don’t think there is any better feeling than helping and giving to others. During this holiday season and this year especially, there are millions of individuals that are in need. Whether they are in need financially, or just need a friend to talk to – be that person for someone. Buy someone coffee in the drive-thru line, write a letter to a stranger in a nursing home and become pen pals, give a coworker a sweet surprise, or volunteer at a local food bank or organization that represents a cause you believe in. Find joy and wellness in giving to others.

These are my top fall health and wellness tips that I am committing to this fall. Feel free to share yours with me as well!

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