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Caregiver Reminders

It’s no secret that being a caregiver is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs on the face of the planet. Because of the intensity of care and the extended duration of care required, caregivers often compromise their own health and emotional well-being in the process of caring for their loved ones. Whether you are a family caregiver, a hospice caregiver, or a caregiver in a facility, please be sure to remember and instill each of these beneficial reminders into your life.

Remember to ask for help and receive the help offered.

Your job is incredibly difficult and it’s okay if you don’t always do it perfectly. It’s also okay to ask for and receive the help offered to you. Ask for help both in your personal life and your professional life to help balance your mental health.

Remember that respite is mandatory.

Respite care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers. Remember that patience truly is a virtue and often comes in short supply. Be sure to give yourself a break and rest when needed because your job can be physically exhausting and emotionally stressful. Instead of working yourself to your limits- practice good self-care and routinely take a break.

Remember to be realistic with your expectations.

Be realistic with the expectations you are setting for the people in your elderly loved one’s life. Whether you are a family caregiver or working in a facility, it’s very important for your own health, that you are aware of the expectations you are setting for others involved. Remember to never expect more than you know others are capable and do the same for the expectations you set for yourself.

Remember that knowledge is power.

Continuing education for your job can help out tremendously! Consult with medical professionals, dementia experts, or other caregivers. Understanding more about caregiving and how learning from other’s experiences can help you be a proactive caregiver and have a better understanding of how to care for your elderly loved one.

Remember to be joyful and find joy!

Use your sense of humor and bring light to your daily routine. Humor is one of the best method of coping with difficult situations. Remember, you are not laughing “at” the situation, you are laughing despite the situation. Laughter and joy allows us to blow off some steam and thus gain a different perspective.

I hope you find these reminders beneficial! I love leaving myself sticky notes of reminders that serve me well. Above all, remember to do things that serve YOU well.

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