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Autumn Facility Activities

It’s time for my favorite seasonal blog post where I share festive activities for elderly facilities and our elderly loved ones! Fall is my favorite season and as always, I have loved watching facilities in our community and on social media jump into the festivities. Here are a handful of my favorites I have seen this year and in the past!

Leaf Pressing

Gather your loved ones or residents for a Autumn awe walk and collect leaves and flowers! When you return home, gather heavy books, or wax paper and keep the leaves pressed for at least two weeks to ensure that they are completely dry. Once they are dry and pressed, put them in a frame for decorations or make a Pinterest craft with your beautiful pressed leaves.

Throw a Halloween Party or a Taste of Autumn Social

Who doesn’t love a party? Throw a Halloween party complete with spooky decor and a costume contest or a swanky Taste of Autumn Social with a special lunch and fun desserts that feature the common fall flavors of cinnamon, apple, and nutmeg! While you’re partying, include a festive square dance hoe-down and get down and boogy with your residents!

Create a Farmers Market and Let Your Residents Shop

Since our elderly loved ones are more at risk to shop at the local farmers market, why not bring the market to them? Give everyone monopoly money, set out different types of fall produce to pick from complete with price tags, and give them baskets to shop! Set it up outside for a more festive feel and set out cider, coffee, and cookies. This has been my favorite activity I have seen on social media, except it was supermarket themed instead.

Pupmkin Painting or Carving

The most common fall activity that we all love! After each resident paints their pumpkin, run a contest and have all residents vote on their favorite (besides their own).

Autumn Arts and Crafts

Mason Jars, plates, wreaths, popsicle sticks galore! Click here for three free fall coloring sheets then prowl Pinterest for the perfect fall crafts for yourself and your residents!

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